A few days before the election, Bishop Oyedepo warns Nigerians against voting for a particular candidate

Bishop David Oyedepo, General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, has advised Nigerians not to vote for a particular candidate because of their loyalty to a tribe.

Speaking to his church members on Sunday about the 2023 elections, Oyedepo said that the country has faced a variety of security issues over the past eight years, indicating that power must change hands in 2023.

The clergyman claims that one of the candidates still insists he will alter the narratives while ignoring the killing of citizens.

Oyedepo challenged the “unnamed” candidate to inform Nigerians of the accomplishments of his party rather than making new promises.

Oyedepo went on to advise Nigerians against a blind loyalty to political parties and tribes that would jeopardize the country’s future.

He added that the presidency is not a traditional stool and that Nigerians should vote with their conscience and the future in mind.

He stated,

Nigeria has encountered numerous security issues. For the past eight years, we have faced that horrifying reality. People are walking the streets claiming to be the ones who killed people. In today’s world, a man’s neck is cut off with a sword. Then, at that point, someone is coming back again to say this is how they will respond, let them let us know what they have done.

“Listen, there is no party without these church members. This church includes party founders, but we are not discussing a party but rather the nation. We are discussing the people, not a political party; Nigeria is not owned by any tribe; and the presidency is not a traditional stool.

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I support Nigeria’s peace and stability; Nigeria is not for sale. We are not a thing or a piece of property; rather, we are individuals and are not for sale.

He said, “You do not need to be a billionaire to be a president, you need capacity, you need character, and we have them in every part of the country, everyone is free to join a party, but if you do not join the wellbeing of this nation, you are in trouble,” when discussing the qualities to look for in a candidate. To save this country, which is in such dire need of help, immediate intervention is necessary. Vote wisely because this week will be crucial. Vote for a leader who is capable and trustworthy.


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