Fuel Dearth: According to NNPCL, we have 1.8 billion liters of gasoline on hand

According to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Ltd., there are 1.805 billion liters of gasoline on hand. A spokeswoman for NNPCL, Garbadeen Muhammad, stated on Monday in Abuja that the quantity of gasoline in stock will last for thirty days.

He explained that 805,35 million liters were stored in depots across the nation, despite the fact that one billion liters of the liquid were still in the vessels.

He went on to say that NNPCL developed a comprehensive strategy for the supply of gasoline from mid-February to March 2023 in an effort to maintain a consistent supply.

“By February 28, an additional supply of 884 million liters of gasoline is also anticipated.

Muhammad stated, “For March 2023, a total of 2.3 billion litres of petrol is expected, with approximately 2.5 billion litres, or 42 days sufficiency, being the closing stock for the month.”


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