Peter Okoye slams Seun Kuti for describing Peter Obi as an “opportunist,” saying, “You Just Erased Your Father’s History.”

Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti was slammed by popular Nigerian singer Peter Okoye of Psquare for claiming that Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi is an opportunist.

Seun Kuti had previously stated that dedicated Nigerians, not opportunists like Peter Obi, are the only ones who can save Nigeria.

Seun Kuti argued in a recent interview with TheMicOnPodcast that, despite his relationship with Omoyele Sowore, one of the Presidential candidates, he believes that Nigeria can only be saved by Nigerians themselves.

The legendary singer’s son insisted that even if Sowore wins the election, he will not be able to function effectively in a country where All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) controlled states are present.

He went on to emphasize that Peter Obi is an opportunist who switched to the LP, a socialist party, after losing the PDP primaries.

Seun Kuti insisted that Obi is merely an internet president whose election began and ended on social media, not in a reality in which he lacked structural background.

Peter Okoye wrote in response:

The past of his father has just been erased. You stated that Nigeria can only be saved by Nigerians. Is PO and the other candidates not citizens of Nigeria? Shame! Shame! Shame!!!”

As anticipated, other “Obidients” slammed Seun Kuti, not just Peter Okoye, stating:

Writer @destroyer_myth:

He is severely ill-informed. Obi has been touring every region of Nigeria with the assistance of the local government. He is well-liked in the East, West, North, and South for this reason. Obi has been studying and brainstorming solutions for Nigeria while traveling the globe.

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“Brother, you’re contradicting yourself. Peter Obi will be elected because he is the only suitable candidate at this time.


“You just go and smoke igbo and start capping anyway online,”


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