According to CAN President Daniel Okoh, Nigerians will vote for individuals rather than parties

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The Christian Association of Nigeria declared on Sunday that Nigerians will not choose a candidate to succeed President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.) in 2023 based on their political party.

The organization claims that Nigerians no longer vote based solely on the candidates put forth by political parties.

In his lecture titled “By faith, provide leadership” during the 2022 men’s conference of Christ Holy Church International, CAN President Archbishop Daniel Okoh made this claim.

He asserted that voters, especially Christians, will choose candidates in the upcoming general election based on their present qualifications and prior performance.

“It is crucial that God’s people have their eyes open at this time,” Okoh stated. Make sure you are familiar with the candidates before casting your vote.

“Things are starting to shift in Nigeria. There was a time when people cast their votes depending on the political party that was supporting the candidate; if you were on a party’s ticket, you were safe.

People today evaluate persons based on their trustworthiness, character, experience, capacities, and antecedents relative to the jobs they aspire to fill.

The CAN President criticized the threat of vote-buying in the nation’s electoral process and argued that the populace must start questioning the intentions and programs of politicians before choosing who will be given a mandate for the following four years.

But he warned politicians against misleading the public in order to get their support.

“Nigerians have reached a point where they feel that they need to sit down and talk with the presidential and gubernatorial candidates,” the CAN President declared.

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If they are elected, we must ask them: “What is our role in your administration? You must be persuaded before you can cast your vote for them. Your future shouldn’t be taken away from you by anyone. Do not allow someone to pay for your conscience or four years of happiness.

“To those who are in politics: When you make promises to the people, be sure you are being honest about what you can deliver.

There’s no need to promise us heaven on earth when you know that, given the circumstances, you won’t be able to deliver on it.

Additionally, he expressed concern over the employment of youths in political thuggery, warning that this development posed a threat to the democracy of the country.

“Our youths should not permit themselves to be used as political thugs,” he warned. Our electoral system is no longer characterized by intimidation.

The political process must be positively engaged by them. I’m arguing out of a sense of obligation that our youths shouldn’t succumb to election violence.

“We need to provide more room for introducing fresh concepts into the systems. Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind as the world changes.

Nigeria, according to the CAN President, is among the best locations to live due to the relative freedoms its residents have compared to those of other countries.

“In my opinion, one of the nicest locations to live is Nigeria. We must use our collective freedom wisely because I love Nigeria, he remarked.

According to the cleric, Christians worldwide face similar issues.

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He gave the church the charge to show leadership by giving the rest of the nation reason to have confidence in God.

The Church is being attacked, but not just in Nigeria, Okoh declared. The truth is under attack on a global scale.

No generation has gone by without facing difficulties. We must figure out a method to escape the one we are now in.

The people are currently divided over a variety of issues, but as Christians, we must always stand as one, knowing that we serve the same Lord and come from the same heritage.

“What gives us the strength to fight against everything that threatens our own life is our togetherness and oneness. Nothing we cannot overcome when we work together as God’s people. We can provide our country a sense of security if we work together.

“During this election season, Christians will lead by example and with both of our eyes open.

“This nation is poised for a miracle, which will undoubtedly materialize. We shouldn’t place our faith in people.

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