According to Edo’s Aspirant, We Owe It to the Power Rotation Deal

Despite his opposition to zoning, Tom Iseghohi, a candidate for governor of Edo State running on the Labour Party (LP) ticket, has urged voters to honor a zoning agreement that was made 25 years ago.

According to the candidate, Edo Central is intended to produce the next governor based on the power rotation agreement that was struck 25 years ago. However, he did say that the Labour Party would still win the election regardless of zoning.

The people of Edo love Iseghohi’s party and its principles, he said while addressing reporters in Abuja after delivering his candidacy and interest forms at the Labour Party headquarters.

Still, he has pledged to make security a top priority if elected governor.

In Edo State, we are facing serious security issues. Security is essential for progress. Iseghohi added, “So, we are going to invest in security.” He is a well-known capitalization specialist, so he knows how to use the state’s resources for everyone’s benefit.

I have a reputation as a capitalization specialist. For the good of Edo State, I will accomplish that. Every single municipality will see a rise in their authority within the first twelve months.

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