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Adeleke boasts, “I Will Retain Osun Governorship Seat”

Ademola Adeleke, the governor of Osun State, said that the same legal process that overturned his victory in the July 16 governorship election will be used to revalidate the power that was given to him to lead the state.

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Adeleke revealed the information while meeting with the Osun West Senatorial District’s campaign group, “Unit to Unit Ambassadors.”

Adeleke’s victory was recently ruled invalid by the Election Petition Tribunal Panel, which is chaired by Justice Tertsea Kume, and Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress was named the winner.

However, Adeleke recognized the judiciary’s crucial contribution to the establishment and development of Nigeria’s democracy on Friday, citing the numerous judicial interventions that have contributed to the country’s stability.

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He exhorted the group’s members to continue their fight and said he was leading Osun in order to fulfill the wishes and goals of the people.

He promised that the same legal procedure that overturned his election would also be used to revalidate his mandate.

“The wheel of justice is the center of democracy. The judiciary’s purview is the administration of justice. Therefore, the judiciary must enjoy the unwavering trust of every democrat. I have faith and confidence in the legal system to put things right and strengthen our democracy.

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“A judicial intervention benefited me. I’ll never forget how the legal system exonerated me of forgery charges. Without everyone holding the judiciary in high regard as the ultimate arbitrator, democracy cannot be robust. We are filing an appeal because we believe justice will be served. I implore us all to maintain our composure and conduct our everyday business in peace.

“I am aware of how difficult and painful the judgment is for the residents of Osun state. But the only way we can express our disapproval is through the legal system. Because of this, an appeals procedure exists. We are appealing because we have every reason to.

“So, keep up the campaign, unit by unit. To fulfill the people’s wishes and objectives, we are managing Osun state. Our mandate will be renewed by God and man through the same legal procedure, Adeleke was reported as saying on Friday in a statement released by his spokesman, Olawale Rasheed.


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