Angela Okorie: “What Happened to Me After I Gave an Old Woman 25 Pounds in London”

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Angela Okorie, a stunning veteran of Nollywood who is also a musician, has talked about what it was like to give money to an elderly woman in London.

On Tuesday, February 7, the mother of one shared on her verified Instagram page how God helped her after she gave 25 pounds to an elderly woman who was hungry.

Angela Okorie wrote, “So, I met this old woman and she said to me; “, sharing details of them. I asked, “Oh mama, hold on,” “hey beautiful, can you help me with anything? I’m hungry.” So I reached into my pockets and pulled out 25 pounds, gave it to her, and she started crying. I said, “Mama, stop crying,” and she prayed for me and said, “You will never lack.”

The same day I went to a restaurant to order food, I didn’t realize I didn’t bring my wallet—literally no card or cash—which is how I ended up stranded. I asked my driver, “Do you have some money with you, please? I’ll give you when I get to the hotel,” and he said no problem and paid for the food. He told me not to worry about the money, which shocked me because he said, “In London?”

I knew God had to do it.

The lesson here: Never stop helping others. If you give, God will always send an angel to you in the midst of any situation you find yourself in. Never stop giving…anywhere you go spread love and little kindness it will come back to you #legitqueen. You never know when or where you will need help.

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