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Arewa Forum asserts, “North Is Supporting Atiku.”

According to Arewa Consultative Forum chieftain Muhammad Yakubu, the North has endorsed the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

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In a statement that was distributed by its Secretary-General, Murtala Aliyu, the Forum urged Nigerians to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice, one whose character, track record, and party manifestos are clear and objective.

Yakubu, on the other hand, stated that the region has adopted Atiku based on recent statements made by notable northern elders such as Zango Daura and Ango Abdullahi, among others, while addressing a press conference on Monday at the 11A Sokoto road Secretariat of the ACF in Kaduna State.

He claims that the region is supporting the PDP flagbearer not because he is from the north, but rather because he possesses the ability and experience necessary to lead the nation to the promised land.

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He stated:

The country’s specific events led to the formation of the ACF. As we head to the polls in a few days, our elders, leaders in the likes of Alhaji Sani Zango Daura (the Danmasanin Daura) and Prof. Ango Abdullahi, have given us a direction. The emergence of the ACF is to protect the interests of the north. So far, so good. We are going to vote for Atiku because he is the candidate for the north.

“And that is the candidate for whom the majority of northerners will vote.” As a result, this is one of the reasons I called the press conference, and if you have any additional questions, I am prepared to answer them. Additionally, I serve as the Atiku/Okowa Patriots’ National Convener.

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He stated, “It’s not true,” in response to the statement made by the Forum’s secretary-general that the ACF supported the rotational presidency. I’m holding this press conference for that reason. The ACF never met in such a way to make such a decision. The National Working Committee or the National Executive Council can make that kind of decision. Given that none of these bodies had met, how would such a decision come about? Either the press is portraying the secretary-general incorrectly or some individuals have concocted stories.

He stated, “Of course, the ACF is established to protect the interest of the north, and where is Atiku from?” when asked if the ACF supports his position. Also, let me tell you a little history. Assuming you have been following the ACF history, you will find that at each moment that the district is at the intersection, the ACF and the north generally come to settle the country.

Obasanjo won because of support from the north; The north gave former President Goodluck Jonathan the support he needed to win. Every time someone is supported by the north, not because they are from the north. The north typically takes into account integrity, competence, and capacity. The north used to take these things into account.

It is not because Atiku is from the north that the north is supporting Atiku. No, it is because, among the candidates we currently have, Atiku possesses the capacity, competence, integrity, and ability to reach the entire nation.


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