Asari Dokubo has no moral standing to charge anyone since he stands to gain. Colonel Haruna

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Major General Ibrahim Bata Malgwi Haruna, a former commissioner for information and culture, has criticized Asari Dokubo, a former leader of the Niger Delta Militants, for recently accusing the Nigerian military of stealing oil from the Niger Delta.

After meeting with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Friday at the State House, former Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force leader Dokubo spoke to the media. He accused the military high command of being responsible for oil bunkering in the Niger Delta region.

The former soldier had asserted that common people lack the means and know-how to engage in oil bunkering, particularly when it comes to attaching pipes directly to oil heads to extract petroleum.

Asari, who denied having a private security team, claimed he played a key role in resolving the conflict in the country’s Niger and Kaduna axis.

General Haruna, who made an appearance on Arise TV’s The Morning Show on Tuesday morning, claimed that unless Asari Dokubu wants to apologize to Nigerians, he has the moral authority to discuss oil theft in the nation.

He asked, “Is Asari Dokubo immune to oil theft? He is not a victim of oil theft, is he? How did he get the money to build his empire? He may be blaming soldiers and commoners of stealing gasoline for jerricans when he is actually responsible for the theft and pleasure of millions of dollars hidden in their bank accounts.

“I believe that discussing Dokubo and other companies is necessary due to security’s impact and the company’s operations’ failure. They point one finger at the military and the other three are pointing at those who are using the military and other services.

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“In the Nigerian situation, if the oil spills are not dripping from their ears and mouths, they cannot get to where they have gotten.”

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