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Atiku claims that the APC is attempting to pit me against Christians

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar claims that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is attempting to turn Christians against him by superimposing him onto the “image of Jesus” ahead of the general election in 2023.

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The upcoming elections are scheduled to begin on February 25 and include the elections for the president, vice president, and members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Elections for governorship and other positions are scheduled for March.

In a statement that was made available to journalists in Abuja on Tuesday, the PDP leader claimed that the APC is attempting to mobilize the Christian community against him.

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Paul Ibe, Atiku’s media advisor, signed a statement in which he said that the ruling party was trying to use religion against him and that he had been shown a sacrilegious picture of himself overlaid on the image of Jesus Christ.

He claimed that the image was the work of the ruling party and expressed concern about it being shared on social media.

The former vice president asserts that his opponents are acting like drowning individuals who would grab onto anything in a sinking situation.

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Added to the statement:

“The PDP presidential candidate has distanced himself from the sacrilegious Jesus image that his adversaries are using to undermine him and his campaign organization.

“Atiku described the “mischievous and desperate effort by his APC opponents to use religion for political purposes in order to pitch him against Christians and spread discord between Muslims and Christians” by superimposing his image onto the image of Jesus.”

“APC is exhausted because they have squandered their goodwill and even their campaign of lies and propaganda are not working for them, and Nigerians have seen the light enough not to be fooled anymore by a such desperate last-ditch tactic of a soldier about to kiss the dust,” the PDP presidential candidate added.

I am not your adversary; Your own disastrous track record in terms of unity, education, job creation, unemployment, and security is your enemy. Your worst mistake is your track record of performance.

“The vote of confidence in the APC is in the 2023 election. Nigerians are more mature; Religion cannot be used to divide people. People unite and mobilize against incompetence and failure through suffering.

He urged them to pray for God’s forgiveness for the sacrilege they had committed as well as for Nigerians’ forgiveness for their sorry past.


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