Boy Spyce asserts, “People Look Down on Me Because I Started My Music Career on Instagram.”

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Boy Spyce, a singer from Nigeria on the rise, has talked about the difficulties he faces as a young artist in the music business. He said that because he started his career on Instagram, many people look down on him.

Boy Spyce said in an interview with Cool FM that he doesn’t feel bad about being looked down on.

In terms of Boy Spyce:

“No, it doesn’t bother me. I was aware that it would take place. I knew that some people would find it difficult to accept, but if you don’t face challenges, what good are you really doing?

The Marvin signee said that he is under pressure to do the right thing if others are doing it the same way when asked about the pressure from colleagues in the industry.

“Uhmmm, it’s not bad pressure,” he said. It’s pressure to believe that if this person is doing more, I can do more as well. They don’t have ten heads, you know. You strive to improve when you are under pressure.
It is simply the truth that I compete with everyone. So one day, I was wondering, “Why is it that everyone likes to say, “I’m not in a competition, I’m not in a competition?” If you’re not really in a competition, then why are there awards and a top 100 Apple Music chart? I get the impression that everyone is competing, but we are too afraid to admit it. And isn’t this how I see it, too?
Everyone is competing with me. It’s like I’m in a classroom right now; just because I want to be the first one there doesn’t mean I won’t explain a math topic to you if you miss class one day. I’ll instruct you.

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