Contender Announces Campaign for Edo Governorship

Yesterday, Madam Patience Key, a female candidate running for governor of Edo State on the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) ticket, officially announced her decision to run for office.

She joined the race, Madam Key said at the PRP secretariat in Benin, to provide value to the state through collaborative involvement with the people.

If elected, her administration would prioritize human capital development as a means to improve the lives of all Edo residents, she stated.

Among my top priorities will be the improvement of human capital. How? By treating others with dignity and respect. Education and the development of occupational skills will be our focus at our “professional academy,” so-called since, in the United States, people’s abilities are the primary drivers of their financial success.

Because you can influence a child’s worldview from the moment of their conception, I intend to begin my human capital development strategy at birth.

The government’s job is to make things easier for people to do things, therefore we should focus on developing people’s skills and making it easier for small enterprises to succeed.

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