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Disagreement Over APC Benue Chairmanship

With the most important thing being the end result, Comrade Austin Agada, the beleaguered chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Benue State chapter, has urged all party members to put the past in the past and work together to reposition the party in the state.

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During an interview with the media in Makurdi, Agada revealed this while praising the judiciary for bringing order back to the APC. The decision came after the Benue State High Court in Makurdi had vacated the interim order that had prevented him from carrying out his duties as party chairman.

In response, however, acting APC state chairman Benjamin Omakolo stated that an appeal has already been filed in the event that the high court makes an incorrect decision over the vacation.

“Regardless of the status of the order vacating his chairmanship, comrade Agada’s suspension by his ward makes it impossible for him to serve as APC chairman in Benue State,” Omakolo stated.

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He continued, “You might be interested to hear that not even the court verdict made reference to me or my position as acting chairman. Accordingly, my position as acting Benue State chairman of the APC is not going anywhere. As the acting chairman of the APC in the state, it is my responsibility to guide the party’s activities, and my office is where the APC family follows my instructions and commands.

But according to Agada, “the APC in the state in the past few weeks have witnessed feverish but unnecessary clandestine plots for the soul of the Party’s leadership.”

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