Dramatic Situation as Beggars Reject Old Money Given by Good Samaritan

A small drama occurred on Wednesday at the well-known Kano Road in Kaduna when a group of beggars refused to accept some old 1,000 Naira bills that a kind stranger had given them.

The journalist who saw the scenario described how a young man was approached by three beggars in wheelchairs as he exited a bus. Realizing they were seeking handouts, the man pulled an N1,000 bill out of his pocket and extended it toward the beggar who was the oldest of the three.

The beggars, however, had a somewhat comical response and turned their wheelchairs around before turning away from the young man and rejecting his offer.

The young man, who introduced himself as Caleb, stated, “They (beggars) came to me, asking for alms,” in response to bystanders. I tried to give them what I had, but they refused it.

The young man indicated that despite his best efforts, he was only able to obtain the older currency notes.

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