Due to the scarcity of naira, banks lose N5 billion in facilities destruction

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According to the findings of the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance, and Financial Institutions, banks have suffered losses totaling N5 billion across the country as a result of recent attacks and the destruction of bank facilities.

At a news conference in Lagos on Thursday, Oluwole Olusoji, President of ASSBIFI, made the announcement.

He stated that bank employees were also affected, in addition to the burned-down buildings and destroyed ATMs.

According to Olusoji, 17 bank locations have been attacked thus far.

In light of the scarcity of naira notes, protesters destroyed a number of commercial establishments across the nation.

Olusoji stated, “We remain committed to go the extra mile in providing service to our customers in safe and secure environments, despite the insecurity due to the destruction of business premises within the banking industry and the impact on insurance organizations.”

However, we will not put our members’ and coworkers’ lives in jeopardy any longer. As a result, we have placed them on high alert and will immediately instruct them to avoid their branches if these attacks on our members and facilities continue until the relevant authorities can guarantee their personal safety and the security of their workplaces.

“The public should refrain from threatening, attacking, or destroying our members or properties because they will only be figuratively slicing their noses to spite their faces,” we say. Olusoji stated, “We can only give what we have been given, nothing more.”


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