Edo Poll APC Candidate Resigns in Consolation Over Son’s Death

Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma, an All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for governor, announced his withdrawal from the contest yesterday due to the terrible loss of his son in the US.
When Agbonayinma visited the state secretariat in October 2023, he was the first to formally advise the APC leadership of his desire.

“It has become pertinent for me to use this medium to address our campaign team, our teeming supporters, the esteemed leaders of our great party, APC, and the good people of Edo State for their unwavering support,” Agbonanyinma, often known as EJ, told party members in yesterday’s address in Ikpoba-Okha local government area. Almost a year ago.

I have chosen to listen carefully to the pleas of concerned citizens both at home and abroad for a shift in Edo State’s political narrative, and I am confident in my abilities to spearhead this transformation.

Concerning my intention to run for governor of Edo State in 2024, I have been in touch with many influential people in the state and the country, including members of my immediate family and friends as well as members of the APC, traditional rulers, religious leaders, opinion leaders, and media figures. Praise be to God, the response has been absolutely phenomenal. The individual and group contributions that led to this achievement will be in my heart forever.

My family went through a terrible event right when we were reaching the pinnacle of our success. Osazuwa Michael Agbonayinma (ZUWA), my son who was 23 years old and had great promise, was shot and killed in Houston, Texas, USA. Following my son’s burial, I recently returned from the US. No one, not even an adversary, deserves to go through this terrible ordeal.

“Right now, my loved ones and I am absolutely crushed. Plus, I’m not mentally prepared to devote myself to a long-term political campaign right now. I have therefore decided to temporarily halt my gubernatorial campaign after careful deliberation and consultation. We require some solitude to mourn and recover.

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