Election 2023: Actor Kunle Remi tells Nigerians to stop fighting over preferred candidates

Kunle Remi, an actor in Nollywood, has urged Nigerians to stop fighting over who they will vote for in the upcoming election.

The actor stated on Friday in his Instagram stories that every Nigerian has the right to select their preferred candidates and should not be bullied for doing so.

“Have you ever heard of that saying divide to conquer?” Kunle Remi wrote. That, in my opinion, is a very powerful thing for those in power, right? Powerful individuals divide to rule.

I’m saying this because I don’t really know why people will fight over who to vote for if they don’t like the same candidate. The reasons why people choose their candidates vary.

Some people are devoted to a few people because of what they have personally done for them in their lives; others are simply perplexed; and still others are extremely steadfast and persuaded of the candidate they are voting for.

“Different reasons to vote, but I think the worst thing we can do as people who want change is fight with each other. It’s just ridiculous and exhausting, and these guys see it and see the divide among us.

“Vote for who you want to vote for and who you want to choose to choose.” At the end of the day, we are all aware of who we will vote for. Even if everyone shouts their support for Peter Obi, half of them will run.

Half of those shouting for Asiwaju to vote don’t have PVCs. It is comparable to those who will stone and demolish banks. The banks do not have any money for them.

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“Vote for Peter Obi if you want him. Vote for Asiwaju if you want him. Vote for Atiku if you want him. All of them are still popular political candidates.

I’d rather you stand firm with people who agree with you than fight with people who don’t. It’s simply a different game. You cannot coerce others into doing what you want.

Several years ago, we all yelled Buhari. We wanted a change, so we joined the bandwagon because he offered us money.

Yes, we received change, but the only issue we faced was that the change was in the opposite direction. It did not proceed. As a result, people are now more careful because we all made these mistakes. He continued,


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