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Enugu government will close institutions and businesses in compliance with sit-at-home order

The government of Enugu State has urged residents to ignore the sit-at-home order being imposed by some IPOB members in the South-East regions and to continue with their regular daily activities.

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All hospitals, marketplaces, banks, retail stores, schools, markets, transports, and malls were required to be open every day of the week, including Mondays.

It stressed that the states’ team would be traveling about to ensure compliance and warned that violators of the directive could be forced to shut shop with immediate effect.

The call came after the state recently banned and cancelled the sit-at-home campaign, according to a statement released on Saturday by the state government.

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This is to inform all schools, markets, banks, retail outlets, hospitals, transporters, malls, and the general members of the public that they have been instructed to conduct their regular business and activities every day of the week, including Mondays, in light of the recent ban or cancellation of Mondays’ sit-at-home by the Government of Enugu State.

“The aforementioned organizations, as well as others, are obliged to abide by the directive because sufficient security measures have been implemented to ensure their protection.

“Taskforce members from the government will be traveling about to check on compliance. Any store, transportation hub, or other organization that doesn’t open for business runs the risk of closure.

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