Enugu Pastor To Leave Community For Allegedly Impregnating Ten Female Members

A yet-to-be identified self-acclaimed pastor has been paraded for allegedly impregnating his church members in Umuidoko Ogrute In Enugu Ezike, Enugu State.

It is was gathered that the pastor was caught on Friday, April 28, when one of his female members revealed to her family that her pastor was responsible for her pregnancy.

A source report said,

“This man has a church and goes to the mountain with his female church members for prayers. It was revealed that 99% of his church members are women who aren’t from the community. He always gives them visions to help them get married to rich men. The women desperate for a miracle, visit his church for solution and never return home to their families.

We gathered that he takes them to a mountain where he built a small hut and sleeps with them on a rotational basis. When the victims get pregnant, he will order them to terminate it.

Unfortunately for him, one of his victims was accosted by her family members and she explained how she got pregnant. Her revelation made irate youth pay the church a courtesy visit.

They got there and found other victims whom they set free from the pastor’s bondage. They razed down the church and helped him pack his items advising him never to return to the village.”

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