Enugu Re-run LP Candidate Calls for Review amidst Protests

During the rerun election for the Enugu South 1 State Constituency on February 3, Bright Ngene, a candidate for the Labour Party, has demanded an investigation of the results, claiming that there were anomalies.

Additionally, he accused high-ranking INEC officials in the state of being involved and petitioned them for their removal from office.

This follows yesterday’s protests by members of the Labour Party and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the INEC offices in Enugu State over the postponement of the announcement of election results.

In a statement, though, Ngene claimed that the election umpire had broken electoral regulations and worked with the opposition to rig the whole thing.

The electoral process was not transparent, according to Ngene, because of the adhoc personnel recruitment.

According to him, the commission hired random individuals and ignored the three-day INEC adhoc training attendees. He also claimed that the commission purposefully withheld the names of the trainees who had successfully completed the program.

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