Fraudulent African-American woman flown back to the United States

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Vonapolouis Moss, an African-American woman, is back in the country after allegedly falling victim to suspected internet scammer Awoleye Joshua Oluwatofunmi.

Awoleye Joshua allegedly conned the woman for thousands of dollars under a fictitious relationship that ended when she arrived in Nigeria. Joshua claimed to be an HND 1 student at the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, a claim that was rejected by the management of the institution.

While parading suspected criminals, including kidnap suspects, at the state police command headquarters in Ilorin on Monday, Kwara State Police Commissioner Paul Odama revealed this to reporters.

He claimed that as recently promised by the police command, the concerned parties were contacted to secure the African-American woman’s safe return to her nation.

The defendant, Awoleye Joshua, has been charged in court and remanded, and the case will continue, while the lady has been flown back to the US and is now safe there.

According to the police commissioner.

Awoleye Joshua lured Vonapolouis Moss of Indiana, the United States of America, to Nigeria under the guise of a dubious romantic relationship, according to XANDERTECH.

In an interview with journalists in Ilorin prior to her departure for the US, Vonapolouis expressed her bitter disappointment by saying, “I just want to go home” while sobbing, “I guess that is a lesson learned.”

She stated:

“I’ve assisted others, so I don’t want anything awful to happen to him.

I have never lived in a country with a lot of black people, yet I see so many beautiful black people living in one place that I don’t know what else to say I think Nigeria is a wonderful place.

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“The people’s warmth is excellent, the location is gorgeous, and I would love to bring my family back,”

Added she.

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