Fuel subsidy removal: Eight demands are made of the Tinubu government by the Health Association

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In response to the elimination of fuel subsidies, the National Association of Government General Medical and Dental Practitioners, or NAGGMDP, has issued eight demands to the current administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Recall that last month, during his inaugural speech, President Tinubu announced the abolition of fuel subsidies.

In light of depleting resources, he said that the subsidies could no longer support its steadily rising expenses.

In order to significantly enhance the lives of millions of people, Tinubu pledged to reinvest the money in public infrastructure, education, healthcare, and employment.

However, NAGGMDP urged the Federal Government to urgently suspend the removal of fuel subsidies and return to the old pump price of PMS in a statement signed by Dr. Sofiri Starson Peterside Jnr, the National President, and Dr. Enobong Akpan, the Secretary General, in order to prevent the impending multisectoral industrial disharmony that could bring Nigeria to a halt.

They encouraged the government to take action to curb the theft of crude oil, safeguard the nation’s borders, and stop leaks in the oil and gas industry.

These are the eight demands of NAGGMDP:

That in order to prevent the impending multisectoral industrial discord that could bring the country to a standstill, we strongly stand in solidarity with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and ask the Federal Government to immediately cease the reduction of fuel subsidies and return to the previous pump price of PMS.

That in order to promote the manufacture of petroleum products locally, our refineries should be upgraded as quickly as possible to work at full capacity and permits should be granted for the building of other refineries.

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The Federal Government needs to take action to safeguard our borders, reduce leaks in the oil and gas industry, and stop the theft of crude oil.

The Federal Government should form a committee to examine the subsidy system from its inception, the application of monies frequently allotted for the rehabilitation of our refineries, and the accountability of those responsible.

The Federal Government must act quickly to improve healthcare finance by allocating at least 15% of its budget to the health sector. In order to lower out-of-pocket costs and provide accessible and inexpensive healthcare, it is also necessary to achieve universal health coverage through primary healthcare and National/State health insurance plans across the nation.

In order to protect citizens when the subsidy is eventually eliminated, the Federal Government should assemble a strong economic team. Measures to combat the nation’s pervasive hunger and poverty should be given top priority. Additionally, palliative measures should be implemented to lessen the negative effects on residents, particularly those with low incomes, of the ultimate elimination of subsidies.

That the Federal Government should take steps to minimize the cost of governance by the Executive and the National Assembly, reduce borrowing, and channel such monies to other crucial sectors of the economy, such as raising the minimum wage, in a spirit of patriotism and sacrifice.

By taking the required steps to lessen the suffering of the Nigerian people, the Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led administration may show its compassion for its people.

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