Government of Edo To Recruit Forest Police

Following the recording and audit of the state’s woods, the Edo State Government will start the process of hiring forest police.

The recruitment, according to Crusoe Osagie, Special Adviser, Media Project to Governor Godwin Obaseki, who announced it on Monday, August 1, is a part of a reinvigorated effort to improve security throughout the state.

According to Osagie, the state government is improving the security architecture and implementing numerous actions to maintain security in the state. These include bush sweeping, registering motorbikes and markets, signing anti-grazing laws, and registering inhabitants, among other things.

The maxim: “Any government in any society has a duty to ensure the security and safety of its citizens. If a government is unable to safeguard the lives of the citizens under its control, it cannot call itself a government.

“Due to the current state of affairs in the nation, we in Edo have determined that security is now our top concern. We have finished the documentation and audit of all of our woods in Edo State, especially in Edo South.

“We have done a flyover of all our forests and as we speak, we have established up a new forestry commission. Our forestry laws have been amended after being out of date for more than 50 years. In accordance with the law’s requirements, the institution of forest guards will now be given new life.

In order to complement the operations of all other security agencies, we are currently in discussions with the Federal Ministry of Environment and a few other partners to start recruiting the first group of the new forest police, as we will call them.

We will implement local government rules that provide that only the local government has the authority to register markets and close down unlawful marketplaces in regard to market squatters.

Any location that is actively conducting trading but is not registered will be closed down immediately.

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