Hold Emefiele and NNPC accountable if Nigeria burns, Ohanaeze says after fuel and Naira note shortages

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide, the largest Igbo social and cultural group, has warned that Nigeria is on the verge of total chaos.

They said this because Nigerians are having a harder time getting the new Naira bills and are having to pay a lot for gas.

The youths said that some people were trying to stop the 2023 general elections and throw them off track.

Nigeria’s democracy.

People all over the country have a hard time getting their hands on the new bills, just like a liter of gas now costs more than N450.

Families are having a hard time because of what happened, and the new notes are now being sold.

Mazi Okwu Nnabuike, the National President of the Ohanaeze Youths, said in a statement on Friday that the Central Bank of Nigeria, or CBN, should do something before it’s too late.

The young people warned that the protest to end SARS would be like a game compared to what could happen to the country in the next few days.

“How do we explain a situation in which our poor parents can’t feed their kids anymore?

“How do we explain the fact that our sick family members are left to die because they don’t have enough money to buy medicine, but their money is stuck in banks?”

“We can’t keep quiet about this chaos that we could have stopped. There is no doubt that the policy that the CBN put in place was a good one, but it is also clear that the top bank wasn’t ready for it to go smoothly.

“This is why we say, “Enough already!” If the CBN can’t get enough of the new notes, it should let commercial banks start using the old ones until the right number of the new ones can be made available.

“Anything less than this is a call for chaos and anarchy, and Nigerians are getting tired of waiting. Pictures and videos from all over the country tell the whole story.”

What the group said.

It also said that the country’s fuel shortage, which had been going on for months even though the Federal Government said it wouldn’t, was unacceptable.

The young people wondered why gasoline could cost as much as N500 per liter when the Federal Government had said that subsidies would be taken away in June 2023.

“All of this shows that some people are trying very hard to shorten the general elections in 2023.

“This is starting to look like a big plan to create a crisis that doesn’t need to happen and find reasons to put off the elections.

“Let it be known that Emefiele and the NNPC would be held accountable if anything happened to the democracy of the country,”

Youth leaders gave a warning.

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