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How my ex-boyfriend got my nude videos – Actress Empress Njamah

Actress Empress Njamah has revealed how her ex-boyfriend got her nude videos.

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Recall that the Liberian National Police had arrested Njamah’s ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Jack Davies, AKA George Wade, for victimizing over 20 women.

In January 2023, Wade fled Nigeria after releasing Njamah’s nude videos on social media.

Responding to a fan on Instagram, Njamah said her ex-lover made the videos without her knowledge.

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The fan identified as Chidera had asked, “Congratulations, ma, but even I, who doesn’t have sense, cannot agree to do a video without anything and send it to anybody.

“Some will even promise you money, but knowing that even the man uses juju, we can’t tell.”

The fan urged Njamah to rejoice while her ex-lover is crying in cell.

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Njamah responded, “I never sent such videos; he takes videos unaware to blackmail his victims; it’s his trade.
“You don’t expect people to bathe with clothes on?”

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