How To Get A Job In Dubai from Africa

Dubai is a city with many lucrative job opportunities for those seeking greener pastures from around the world. If you are in Africa and looking to land a job in Dubai, then read on carefully.

Securing a job in Dubai requires meticulousness and the ability to read in between the lines, most especially if you are processing employment through agents. Even if you are doing the job hunt by yourself, you must still be wary of fake recruitment firms online.

There has been a lot of stories of unwary individuals who fell hard for recruitment scams and have as a result decided to desist from further applying to jobs in Dubai from anywhere in Africa.

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One thing you should know is that there are a lot of English-speaking firms domiciled in Dubai that give employment to international job applicants, but another thing is that it is sometimes advisable to be on ground to search for a job you are interested in because landing a job in Dubai doesn’t come easy; though this doesn’t mean it is not possible to achieve.

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Ways to Get a Job in Dubai from Africa

If you are looking to secure a job in Dubai, there are basically two ways to approach this. Below, the two major ways of landing a job in Dubai are explained:

The first approach – Job Search Sites

The first approach to getting a job in Dubai is applying through job sites in UAE for direct employment. To start with, you could make use of Dubai Yellow Pages (i.e. business directories) and this can be accessed by visiting and also the Free Zone websites which can be accessed via Also, to land your first job in Dubai, you will need to monitor and keep applying to firms with job openings on many job sites. The jobs listed on these job sites are offered to both Dubai residents and international job applicants. Like I have said earlier, there are also fake recruitment agents both online and offline which you have to be wary of so that you don’t end up being scammed. To be on the safer side, below are some of the trusted job sites through which you can get a job in Dubai:

  • com
  • com
  • com
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  • com
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  • com

Before you apply to any job from a company or establishment in Dubai through these online job sites, ensure you verify the authenticity of the company/establishment. To do this verification, visit the website of The Dubai Department of Economic Development via to check if the company is licensed.

Always ensure you do the needful by supplying your employer with the correct information about you as well as other peripheral details. And as soon as your job application is approved, don’t hesitate to request for your employment letter from your employer.

The second approach Physical Job Hunting

The second approach to getting a job in Dubai is to actually travel to the city, do physical job hunting and then submit your application to your desired job(s). But this second approach comes at a cost in that you will have to obtain a visit visa to Dubai. The cost of the visa will depend on how long you’ll like to stay and do job hunting; though this won’t cost you much. Depending on the duration of your stay, a visiting visa will cost you between $80 – $110.

You must rightfully utilize the duration of your visit visa to land a good job because once your visit visa expires, you won’t be able to renew or extend it.


It is always advisable to go with the first approach (i.e. searching and applying online) of getting a job in Dubai from Africa because it won’t cost you money, unlike the second approach where you’ll have to apply and pay for a visit visa to go and start job hunting in Dubai.

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