How UNIBEN Students and Soldiers Interacted – NANS

The clash between the University of Benin, or UNIBEN, students and some soldiers last Thursday, which resulted in injuries to both students and security officials, has been regarded as very sad by the National Association of Nigerian Students, or NANS.

NANS National Vice President for Inter-campus Affairs, Comrade Vanessa Egbeahie, released a statement on Saturday in which the association expressed its delight that the whole situation had been amicably handled thanks to the involvement of the university’s administration and other stakeholders.

The body, however, stated that it would need to clarify a few points about a video of the incident that was trending on social media.

“This message aims to make it clear that the video that became popular on February 2 across all social media platforms did not, in any way, include students from UNIBEN. Please take note that the University of Benin students are not in any way aggressive or rebellious and are known for having high moral standards and no tolerance for violence. The renowned institution’s students are composed, serene persons.

“I’m writing to address the false reports circulating online and to provide some clarification on what truly happened. On February 2, 2023, around midday, soldiers entered the University of Benin’s grounds and abused students by beating and chasing them out of the lengthy ATM lines.

“As I mentioned earlier, our students are very courteous individuals, and they didn’t object to them or refuse them access in any way, as they let these soldiers to get on with their business.

“Only to be attacked, disciplined, and beaten in return after being suspected of filming them. Phones were broken, students were told to roll on the ground, and some even received face punches.

The assault also included the security guards on the ground, who received slaps and dragged. Armed troops returned to the school grounds in vengeance for the viral video. They damaged the windshields of 40 private and school-owned automobiles, beat security personnel, and flogged them until they were hardly breathing.

The same soldiers who ought to be defending and defending the residents of this wonderful country carried out all kinds of cruel behavior on the school grounds.

“Finally, I ask the general public to disregard the rumors that my humble self doused the captains from the barracks with water because they are completely false.

“We pray and hope that this tragic and tragic occurrence won’t occur again. We are pleased that following such an awful crime, the campus is once again calm and peaceful thanks to the assistance of our vigilant Vice-Chancellor.

“I would especially like to thank Professor Lilian Salami, Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin, and Professor Ray Ozolua, DVC Academics, for their ongoing support and efforts to bring peace and stability back to the campus in conjunction with the Edo State Government, the state Police Command, and the DSS.

“We hope that this will be completely handled, and always keep in mind that a harm to one harms everyone. God Bless Nigerian Students God Bless the Outstanding University of Benin Students, according to NANS.


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