I get called transgender by trolls, says actor Ifu Ennada

Iheme Faith Uloma, also known as Ifu Ennada, a Nollywood actress and former Big Brother Naija reality star, has spoken out about the bizarre messages she gets from online trolls.

Because of the kinds of responses she receives from trolls, she said her direct message should have a YouTube channel.

The actor claimed that she has received messages in her direct messages calling her “transgender,” “homosexual,” and a “man that looks like woman.”

She revealed this when appearing with socialite Pretty Mike on the MTV Base Africa program, MTV Base Sparks.

Ifu Ennada asserts: “I think my DM ought to have a YouTube channel or a TV show. because I’ve received the strangest DMs.

“Let’s begin with the trolls. People have referred to me as transgender. Some have even claimed that I am homosexual and a male who resembles a woman. I’ve received all of those calls. You can tell I’m a lady.

In addition, I’ve had some crazy males give me their private businesses (private parts) in my DMs.

She claimed that before she entered the Big Brother Naija reality competition, many people were unaware that she was an actress.

She did, however, acknowledge that the show was her big break.

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