“I Make Your Endorsement Fee for Six Months in One Night, Don’t Just Spit,” Yhemolee Blasts. Carter Efe

Carter Efe called out nightlife musician Yhemolee for criticizing skitmakers. In response, Yhemolee said that he was not criticizing skitmakers.

In a previous post, Yhemolee said that he switched from making skits to go out at night because nightlife paid him more.

Carter Efe then went live on Instagram and criticized the singer for saying that he makes a lot more than Skitmakers.

So, Yhemolee answered Carter Efe by saying that he gets paid six times what Carter would charge to influence for 6 months. He also gave her a copy of the receipt for the money he got after performing in a club.

“Lol, playing with fire,” he said.
Don’t just spit. This is probably your endorsement fee for six months in one night. I’ve been out at night so many times that I can’t even count them. I still make more money than you do, no matter what you call what you do. I wasn’t even talking to you or referring to anyone. I was just saying that nightlife pays more than skit making, which is why I put more effort into it.
But you young people are always up for a chase whenever you get the chance. Man, I’ve been doing this joke since before you got into college. Shalom’”.

Look down,

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