I paid 1,000 for a liter, and Oshiomhole is upset about the price and lack of fuel

Adams Oshiohmole, who used to be governor of Edo State, has complained about the lack of gasoline and the rise in prices at the pump. He said that he recently paid N1,000 for a liter of gasoline.

In many parts of Nigeria, people are back in line at gas stations, and many of them are paying N500 or more for a liter of the commodity.

The leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) said that he recently bought the goods at a high price while on one of his campaign trips. This suggests that the crisis is also affecting other people.

“Once, I ran out of gas and had to buy a liter for N1,000. That’s not funny at all! Someone is to blame for that,” he said on Sunday’s episode of The 2023 Verdict, an election show on Channels Television.

A ‘Perennial Problem’

Even though Nigeria spends a lot of money on fuel subsidies, the former national chairman of the APC said that fuel is still hard to get and too expensive for most Nigerians to afford.

“We are spending almost N7 trillion as we speak. The minister of finance said that we spend about N7 trillion on fuel subsidies, but most Nigerians pay much more than the market rate. “But we have the Petroleum Equalisation Fund,” Oshiomhole said. “So, this is the fault of people.”

He said that there was a lack of fuel before President Muhammadu Buhari took office, calling it a “perennial problem.”

He said, “But that doesn’t make it okay.”

When Oshiomhole talked about the redesigned naira notes and the swap policy, he called them deceptive and a way to hurry up the elections.

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He said, “You could see that the Bank’s goal is not to stop abuses but to stop the elections from happening.


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