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I started music production at 12 – Pheel

Nigerian producer and singer-songwriter Phillip Kayode Moses, popularly known as Pheelz, has revealed that he started music production at 12.

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He disclosed this in a recent interview with Hot 97 FM, New York, USA.

The Finesse crooner said he became legendary producer ID Cabasa’s intern at 12.

He said, “I got my first internship at 12. It was a huge record label called Coded Tunes in Nigeria and by one of the biggest legends in the music production industry. His name is ID Cabasa.

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“That was who I interned under, then started learning the rocks. Before that I had thought myself how to play the keys, how to play the drums, a little bit of the flute and the piccolo and the saxophone, and the guitar and all that. But that internship really like launched me into the full music producer/songwriter vibe.”

Pheelz added that he was a genius in school, especially in Further Mathematics, but music took all his time.

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