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I started music production at 12 – Pheel

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Nigerian producer and singer-songwriter Phillip Kayode Moses, popularly known as Pheelz, has revealed that he started music production at 12.

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He disclosed this in a recent interview with Hot 97 FM, New York, USA.

The Finesse crooner said he became legendary producer ID Cabasa’s intern at 12.

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He said, “I got my first internship at 12. It was a huge record label called Coded Tunes in Nigeria and by one of the biggest legends in the music production industry. His name is ID Cabasa.

“That was who I interned under, then started learning the rocks. Before that I had thought myself how to play the keys, how to play the drums, a little bit of the flute and the piccolo and the saxophone, and the guitar and all that. But that internship really like launched me into the full music producer/songwriter vibe.”

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Pheelz added that he was a genius in school, especially in Further Mathematics, but music took all his time.

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