“If the system isn’t fixed, we’ll just keep getting worse.” – Oap Nedu

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Nedu, who works in the media, has written an open letter to the people of Nigeria about their choice of leader. He said that even if they choose a different leader, the system won’t change.

In an Instagram story post, Nedu was upset about the way the Nigerian government was set up. He said that is why Nigeria’s economy is going backward.

He says that even if we vote for the right person, the country might not move forward if the system is not fixed.

He wrote, “Even if we change the president 100 times if the system isn’t fixed, we’ll still be the same backward country we’ve always been.”

“They always wish the last president would return.”

Remember that OAP Nedu recently got a lot of criticism on social media for what he said about the women in the Big Brother Naija house.

During an on-air interview with Doyin, a former housemate of Big Brother Naija, Nedu said that Big Brother Naija female housemates go on the show to sell themselves to men for money.

“Many people go to BBN because they are hungry,” he said. Do you know what Big Brother does for you? It takes you from where you are and shoots you up, but there is nothing to hold you down. Many of them only have sex to offer, and they go there on purpose to get customers.

Ex-housemates of the reality TV show didn’t like what he said, so they went on social media to pick on him.

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One of them, Kess, was a level 7 housemate who said that calling female housemates “sluts” is a disgusting trend. He also said that Nedu is hurting the work of the women in the house.

Kess said, “I don’t like this trend of calling the female Big Brother housemates sluts. 95% of them are very smart, have enough independence, are incredibly talented, and are legit hustlers. It’s not fair to put down all of their hard work.”

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