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If you don’t shoot my video, don’t come to Lekki or Sango, says Portable to TG Omori

Controversial Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, told popular music director and cinematographer ThankGod Omori Smith, also known as TG Omori or Boy Director, that it wouldn’t be safe for him to go to the Lekki area of Lagos State or Sango.

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Omori gave in to the Portable’s demands to shoot his video on Tuesday after being attacked over and over on social media.

TG Omori told Portable to send him a song so that he could make the video, but he hasn’t said if it will be free or if the $50k fee will be lowered.

After he asked her to marry him, they went live on Instagram. Portable was unhappy with how much TG Omori charged, so he asked the director why he didn’t love him again as he begged for help.

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Then, he joked that the music director shouldn’t go to Lekki or Sango for his own safety, because if they met, there would be a fight.

The actor from Zazuu didn’t understand why the director was being rude to him and told him that he should have kept being rude to see what would happen.

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In response, TG Omori said it wasn’t about him personally and that he was only after money.

Remember that Omori had asked Portable for $50k (over N22 million) for a video shoot earlier this month? This made the “Zazu Zeh” singer angry, so he asked the director if he made videos for ghosts.

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