I’m incredibly sad – Peter Obi expresses sympathy to NAF and victims’ families

The recent MI-171 helicopter mishap involving the Nigerian Air Force that resulted in the deaths of some troops has prompted a response from Peter Obi of the Labour Party, LP.

Obi, who expressed his sadness over the terrible tragedy, bemoaned the level of insecurity that still embarrasses and costs the country valuable lives and property, along with the resulting financial expenses.

He recommended doing a thorough inquiry to determine what caused the disaster in order to stop similar incidents in the future.

The former governor of Anambra State commiserated with the Nigerian Air Force over the distressing situation and advised them and other security services not to be disheartened by the difficulties in a statement on his social media account on Thursday.

He further stated that his thoughts and prayers are with the families of the brave servicemen who perished in the incident.

“The terrible accident of the Nigerian Air Force MI-171 Helicopter while on a mission to evacuate casualties near Chukuba Village in Niger State truly saddens me.

“The appalling degree of insecurity in most of the nation has continued to make us look bad and cost us priceless lives and property, with the ensuing financial expenses. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the brave servicemen who perished in that catastrophe.

“I also want to express my profound condolences to the Nigerian Air Force over this tragic occurrence and urge them, along with other security forces, to not be discouraged by the difficulties, but to see them as our route to creating a safe and secure country.

“As a means of preventing similar incidents in the future, I would also like to support the conduct of a thorough inquiry to determine the reason of the crash.

“We will never stop fighting for our country. All of our sacrifices become honorable deeds in its service since it is our greatest heritage, he remarked.

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