I’m not a blood relative of the murdered Anambra lady. According to Chimamanda Adichie

A 40-year-old lady named Nkiru Okoye was murdered in Ogbunike, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, and award-winning author Chimamanda Adichie has denied claims that she was related to the victim.

The deceased’s brother-in-law George Okoye was alleged to have killed Emenike Okoye, the wife of a mechanical engineer, by beating her to death over the ownership of some disputed landed property, according to an earlier article in The XANDERTECH.

According to reports, the culprit, who is currently being held by police, broke into the victim’s home with a few of his close relatives and attacked Emenike and his wife.

In the meantime, it was claimed (not by The XANDERTECH) that the dead was connected to the well-known author.

The “woman in the narrative is not Chimamanda’s sister nor a related,” according to a statement provided to The XANDERTECH by Chimamanda’s staff on Sunday evening.

Chimamanda’s communications team member Omawumi Ogbe stated, “Chimamanda is deeply upset by this misleading information and is dismayed at the lack of professionalism demonstrated by The Frontier, both with the original false post and the inaccurate reply.”

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