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“Imagine meeting a man, and less than a week later, he asks you for a loan.” – Bb Naija Doyin

Doyinsola David, also known as Doyin, was in the Big Brother Naija house. He has spoken out about some men in the Lekki area of Lagos who are living fake life.

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The reality show star couldn’t understand why a man would ask a woman for money just a week after they met for the first time.

Doyin said, “There will never be an end to fake life. Sometimes you have to look the part in order to get the part. Just make sure that you also have the right stuff inside.

The former roommate also said that many men in the Lekki neighborhood of Lagos were living fake lives.

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She said the following:

“I would be lying if I said I’d never seen how fake life can be out there, especially in Lekki. I also know people who have been through this. Imagine meeting a man and then, less than a week later, he asks you for a loan. I know that there are a lot of good men in Lekki, but there are also a lot of fake people there too. But I think everyone should be free to live as they wish.”

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