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I’ve been beaten, gassed with tear gas, and imprisoned for months – Charly Boy

Area Father, a well-known performer from Nigeria, has shared some of his experiences as an activist working to promote good governance.

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The artist who started the “Our Mumu Don Do” movement recounted in a tweet on Wednesday how security personnel had once physically assaulted and even imprisoned him.

He claims that some of his unpleasant experiences from 1966 to the present have made him “soft like butter” and that he has experienced everything.

“As a person, a citizen of this once great country and the Area Fada, I can say that I have seen it all, and now I’m soft as butter,” the tweet continues.

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“I was a child when the Union Jack was extinguished. In 1966, I witnessed optimism die, and in 1967, I witnessed the heinous destruction that ensued.

“In 1999, I saw my adored father pave the way for a country’s recovery. Since then, I’ve seen much more. I know how water gets inside a coconut. Our senseless security force has brutalized me, used tear gas on me, kept me locked up for months, and made me poor.

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