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Jigawa’s night hawking is prohibited by the LG leader due to youth sexual immorality

Jigawa State’s Hadejia Local Government Council has outlawed young boys and girls from nighttime hawkings.

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This was said in a statement given to journalists and signed by Salisu Sogi Hadejia, the chairman of the local government.

According to him, hawkers are no longer permitted to enter or prowl local marketplaces before 7:00 am or after 6:00 pm.

He said that the new regulation is a component of the council’s efforts to quell local immorality, including sex acts between market vendors and customers.

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Bala AbdulKadir, the chairman of the local government, gave parents and guardians of young people who sell in the market advice on how to support the government’s efforts by making sure their kids are raised in morally upright ways.

He forewarned that individuals who disobey the law will face harsh penalties.

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