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Joy spreads throughout Nigeria as an Ondo-based pastor announces that the dollar would soon exchange for N10

Samson Oluwamodede, a well-known evangelist in the southwest, predicted an economic “boom” and that the naira will soon regain its power.

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According to Oluwamodede, the General Overseer of the Prayer Centre Church of God, PCCG, the forces fighting against the nation’s progress that caused the economy to enter a crisis would soon lose it before next year.

In the capital of Ondo State, the priest from Akure who made this proclamation encouraged Nigerians to earnestly pray for safety from “calamity” in the upcoming months. He asserts that the naira, which is currently valued more than 700 to a dollar, will soon be only N10. He believes that the holy spirit told him this.

“I’d like you to take note of my words today. The value of the naira will rise as the value of the dollar declines. Nigerians would find it startling, much like in a drama. I’ll say it again: We’ll adopt the dollar as the equivalent of 10 Naira.

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You may recall that I once made a prophecy that a young woman would bring honor to this nation by competing in a sporting event, and my prediction came true. The woman, Amusan (Tobi), is currently making us proud.

Our economy will grow, which will have an impact on all the industries that resume operations. Children of God, you must continually pray, he admonished.

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