Kano is the scene of protests over ECOWAS’s proposed military intervention in Niger

Kano State has been the scene of protests over the ECOWAS’s proposed deployment of a standby military force in Niger.

In protest of the upcoming military invasion of the Niger Republic, demonstrators staged a march on Saturday.

They sang, “Nigerians are our brothers; Nigeriens are also our family,” as they marched in a procession.

“Niger is ours; we don’t want war; war against Niger is unfair, a plot by the Western forces,” the speaker said.

They carried placards and showed the Nigerian and Nigerian flags while screaming anti-war slogans.

The Niger junta had already declared a break in diplomatic relations with Nigeria.

As a result, Nigeria stopped providing electricity to Niger.

According to xandertech, the military junta deposed Mohamed Bazoum, the president of Niger who had been elected democratically, on July 26.

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