Lady returns money that was mistakenly sent to her

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A woman from Nigeria shared on Twitter how she unintentionally received a credit alert from an unknown source but was later able to identify who it was by taking a few steps.

The woman, who goes by the Twitter handle @Cruella D Vel, claims that after receiving the alert, she waited for the sender to call her but didn’t get a call and temporarily forgot about it until she later decided to look up the sender on social media using the full name the alert had listed as the sender.

She disclosed that she was able to contact the person via Facebook; the person had attempted to contact her after mistakenly crediting her account, but had no luck.

The lady then requested that @Cruella D Vel send her the remaining cash and keep 10% of it for herself as a thank you. But @Cruella D Vel had already returned the entire sum to her.

The woman begged her to provide her mobile number so that she could credit it because she was still appreciative of her charity, and she complied.

Since then, @Cruella D Vel has received compliments on social media for her generosity.

Along with screenshots of the chat, she stated on Twitter,

I received a 20k transfer on Friday and waited for a call from the person whose name I didn’t know, but no one ever called.

I put it out of my mind and continued with my day. Then, a few minutes ago, I decided to type the entire name hereafter remembering and discovered an account, but I was unable to send a dm so I tried Facebook. This is what happened after I found the person and messaged her.

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She then contacted me to thank me and sent me 2,000 airtime.

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