Mary Njoku Asks a Crucial Question: “Why Do We Put so Much Energy Into Living a Fake Life?”

Mary Remmy Njoku, an actress and filmmaker in Nollywood, has questioned the motivation behind some people’s incessant pursuit of a fictitious life.

Mary made the following statement on her Instagram page: “People’s energy can be channeled into something positive that will make them successful.”

She says that many people live fictitious lives because they believe that not everyone is born successful.

She went on to say that many people waste their lives by pretending to be someone else in order to gain approval from people who don’t care about them.

“Why do we put so much effort into looking like we made it?” she asked.
instead of trying to make it with the same amount of energy.
I will never understand it.
They say that not everyone will succeed, but what if you are one of the fortunate few? In addition, you are busy wasting your destiny in a fictitious world that you have constructed in order to deceive yourself and obtain validation from individuals who do not care about you. “Get up!”


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