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Melaye claims that Atiku discovered Peter Obi before the keyboard warriors were aware of him

Dino Melaye, a former senator from Kogi West, claimed that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate, was not well-known in the country until Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s (PDP) presidential candidate, “recognized him.”

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The 2019 general election’s running mate for the former vice president was Obi, a former governor of the state of Anambra.

Before Abubakar won the PDP primary election ahead of 2023, he defected to the LP.

Melaye referred to Abubakar as a “talent hunter” in remarks he made on Saturday night at an event in Abuja.

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“I’m glad to see that everyone in this room is singing Atiku for President. Many people already vote on social media, but INEC does not have a voting center there, according to the former MP.

“Atiku supporters are authentic and unique. They are visible, and they are made of PVC. Two highly significant candidates are running in this election. Atiku Abubakar, Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC, and the Wazirin of Adamawa.

“At 75, what else would Atiku be looking for than to serve as a role model for the next generation to lead lives they can be proud of? This capable Nigerian, who is also very mobile and administratively astute, is coming to alter the course of events.

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Obi is a terrific Nigerian, but until Atiku mentioned him, he was unknown on a national level. Atiku is looking for talent. Atiku discovered every reformer in this nation between 1999 and the present.

Before cyber warriors discovered Obi, Atiku did. Regrettably, elections will not be held on social media.

“It will happen at the voting locations. And those here are those who would cast a ballot. Votes must now count, thus that’s what’s happening.

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