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Nigeria Is At Critical Stage – Haliru

Alhaji Abdul Hamid Haliru, the new chairman of the Traditional Youth Chief Forum of Nigeria (Sarkin Samarin Nigeria), has stated that the country is at a critical stage and does not require resistance at this time, but rather all hands on deck to overcome its difficulties.

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Haliru, who mentioned this in his inauguration speech in Abuja over the weekend, urged Nigerians, regardless of political, religious, or ethnic differences, to collaborate with government at all levels by providing real counsel and proposing ideas that would lift the country out of the dungeon and into the eldorado.

The Sarkin Samarin Nigeria urged Nigerian youths to be optimistic and innovative in order to take on leadership roles in the country, ensuring that his reign will advocate the cause of youth advancement and empowerment so that they could become leaders today, not only ‘tomorrow’, as is often asserted.

“Nigeria is at a critical juncture; we don’t need resistance right now; we need everyone working together. Everyone can provide valuable suggestions and thoughts.

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So, all hands are on deck. We don’t have adversaries; we just have various ideas and viewpoints that we want to bring together to make a stronger force.

“Nigerian youngsters should be optimistic and creative; creativity is extremely important, and that is what we will bring to the table. Leadership at any level or capacity cannot be done without innovation. It is not only about the leader’s charisma or character. It demands a great deal of imagination.

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