Nigeria Is In A Critical Phase Haliru

According to Alhaji Abdul Hamid Haliru, the newly-appointed chairman of the Traditional Youth Chief Forum of Nigeria (Sarkin Samarin Nigeria), the nation is currently facing a critical juncture and could use all hands on deck to overcome its difficulties, rather than opposition.

According to Haliru, who made this statement in his inauguration speech in Abuja over the weekend, all Nigerians should work together with the government at all levels by providing honest advice and ideas that will help lift the country out of its current predicament and into a prosperous future, regardless of their political, religious, or ethnic affiliations.

In an address to the youth of Nigeria, the Sarkin Samarin Nigeria encouraged them to be optimistic and innovative in their pursuit of national leadership roles, promising that his administration will support youth empowerment and advancement initiatives so that young people in Nigeria might take charge now, rather than “tomorrow,” as the saying goes.

At this pivotal juncture, Nigeria needs all hands on deck, not opposition. Important suggestions and counsel might be offered by everyone.

Therefore, everyone must pitch in. There are no adversaries; rather, there are divergent viewpoints and ideas that we seek to unite in order to become a more formidable force.

The youth of Nigeria should have an optimistic outlook and be creative; the latter is crucial, and that is exactly what our group will offer. To be a leader, at any level, in any position, you need to be creative. The leader’s charisma and character aren’t the only factors. It calls for an abundance of imagination.

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