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Nigeria’s urgent efforts to enter a war under the Tinubu administration, according to the PDP

The Federal Government, led by President Bola Tinubu, is accused by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of frantically driving Nigeria towards war in order to further its own interests.

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The anticipated battle with the Niger Republic, according to PDP spokesman Debo Ologunagba, is escalating tensions in Nigeria.

Ologunagba claimed in a statement that the APC was seeking to bring about a state of war in Nigeria by inciting “our military into a needless conflict with Niger Republic.”

He stated: “The PDP observes that the APC administration’s persistence in drafting Nigerian soldiers into the Niger Republic in defiance of the National Assembly’s and Nigerians’ widespread opposition, validates public suspicions of covert intentions by the Tinubu-led APC to import crisis and destabilize our country for political reasons.

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“While the PDP opposes any unconstitutional change of government anywhere in the world, according to our Party, the situation in the Niger Republic does not call for any kind of foreign peacekeeping effort and poses no threats to our national security that would allow us to send our already overworked military into harm’s way in an unnecessary conflict.

“Tenseness in Nigeria has already increased due to the APC government’s determination on starting a war in the Niger Republic.

“There are rumors in the public that the APC is only anxious to send troops to the Niger Republic in order to arouse potential external aggression from that nation, orchestrating a situation for the declaration of a State of Emergency in Nigeria with the potential to stymie the judicial process regarding the 2023 Presidential election and deflect attention from the suffering the APC has inflicted on the country over the past two months.”

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