“No one government can solve Nigeria’s problems.” – Buhari

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Nigeria has a lot of problems, which President Muhammadu Buhari has talked a lot about.

On Monday, the President said that Nigeria’s problems can’t be fixed by just one government.

Buhari said that the country won’t be able to get out of trouble until many different governments work together.

This is what the President said at an event in Abuja, Nigeria, called “State of the National Dialogue on Security, Economy, and Administration of Justice.”

Boss Mustapha, who is the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, spoke for Buhari. He praised the NBA for the dialogue, which he said would help the country grow.

He said that lawyers have a duty to make sure that the country runs well.

He said, “I would say that no single government in this country could solve Nigeria’s problems. But if we build on what previous governments have done and don’t throw out everything that has been done, we’ll be able to pick one or two things to focus on and move forward with as we try to build the Nigeria of our dreams.

“As a government, we can get the results of this conversation, so that whatever decisions are made, they can be included in the documents we make for the next government as we leave.”

Atiku Bagudu, the governor of Kebbi, said that the root causes of insecurity in the country needed to be fixed.

He said that improving primary education in the country was a big step toward this goal.

He said that most of the problems with insecurity were caused by the fact that the social contract with the people had broken down.

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To improve things in the country, he said, more money should be put into primary education.

He said that in developed countries, as much as $27,000 is spent on a child, but in Nigeria, even the richest state, Lagos, spends less than N300 per student because of resource problems.

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