Ondo village complains about ongoing floods and asks for help

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On Saturday, residents of the Irese village in the Ondo State’s Ifedore Local Government Area appealed to the state government for assistance in resolving the catastrophic impacts of ongoing flooding on the town’s only access road.

The lone asphalt road in the neighborhood, according to the locals, has been steadily becoming impassable during the rainy season for a number of years.

They noted that the road is strewn with potholes, making it difficult for trucks to move along without breaking down, especially those transporting freight.

The highway connected the communities of Ijare and Irese, which are all included in the Ifedore Local Government Area.

The community’s traditional leader, the Olu of Irese Town, Oba Ahmed Saka, voiced concern over the situation and added that the area has been severely impacted by severe floods, which has resulted in the loss of irreplaceable possessions and property.

Oba Saka continued by saying that the community’s growth has been impeded by the persistent flooding, particularly during the rainy season, which has led to the closure of surrounding businesses and the emigration of residents.

The state government was requested by the traditional chief to fix the road and install proper drainage in order to solve the issue.

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