Over one million persons internally displaced — UN

The number of people displaced inside Sudan on Wednesday by fighting between rival military factions rose to more than one million, according to the UN’s International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

IOM said another 319,000 people have fled to neighbouring countries. Egypt, Sudan’s northern neighbour, took in the largest share of the refugees, with more than 132,000 people, while Chad took in some 80,000 refugees and South Sudan about 69,000.

A long-simmering power struggle in Sudan escalated violently on April 15.

The army under the command of the de facto president, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, is fighting the paramilitary units of his deputy, Mohammed Hamdan Daglo.

The two generals jointly seized power in 2021.

Even before the current crisis, Sudan was known for being one of the poorest and most politically unstable countries in the world, with 3.7 million internally displaced people due to previous crises.

Now, IOM warns of a further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the country, which has a total population of around 46 million.

The fighting is making access to basic goods and fuel increasingly difficult.

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