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Pantami inaugurates Digital Economy Community of Practice

Minister of Communication, Isa Ali Pantami on Thursday inaugurated a Digital Economy Community of Practice, DECoP.

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The inauguration was done in conjunction with the Policy Innovation Centre (PIC) of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) in Abuja.

Speaking at the event, the minister said that the digital economy centre has been doing well building and consolidating Nigeria’s economy.

He also used the opportunity to point out that the rejection of the 5% excise duty was necessary to avoid jeopardising the growth and development the sector has recorded.

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”The implementation of the 5% excise duty will have more burden on the sector that is doing well for our economy. This is the only sector that grew by double digits in Nigeria’s economy.

”By putting more burden on the sector it will definitely jeopardise the growth and development it has recorded,” he said.

The Digital Economy Community of Practice (DECoP) was developed to drive inclusive growth and sustainable development for stakeholders in the Nigerian digital ecosystem.

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Also speaking, the Executive Director of PIC, Dr. Osasuyi Dirisu, emphasised the importance of bridging the digital divide through cross-sectoral collaborations amongst digital stakeholders.

She said without focused collaboration amongst stakeholders, the unintended consequences of digital economy growth will be the widening of existing income gaps, exacerbation of inequalities and deepening poverty.

”We firmly believe the DECoP will support an enabling environment for innovation, digital inclusion and expansion of the digital economy in critical sectors,” she said.

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